We offer support to families of loved ones with developmental delays, mental health needs and/or addiction, or have a dual diagnosis (mental illness and developmental disability). Here’s how we can help.

Respite for Families

YSSN hosts respite services for families through two ways:

  1. A Respite Access Facilitator works with adults and their families to identify their respite needs, develop plans, and find the resources that are right for them.
  2. The CHAP Program (Community Helpers for Active Participation) maintains a respite worker registry to assist families in hiring staff.

Why register with the CHAP Program?

  • Families can connect easily with respite workers either to work in the home and/or enable individuals to participate in community based respite opportunities
  • Once registered, families can access CHAP workers as much or as little as needed. Families receive and review the profiles of workers and independently negotiate with and hire a worker who best suits their needs

Caregiver Support

Caregivers of a child or adult with a developmental disability can receive emotional support from caregiving peers who understand. Our Family Peer Mentors are family caregivers with lived experience who can help you, the caregiver, by:

  • Developing strategies for self-care and stress management
  • Assisting you in navigating community caregiver programs and resources
  • Offering monthly support groups, and workshops with a focus on self-care and wellness

Streamlined Access Family Caregiver Navigator

YSSN’s program for caregivers of individuals with a mental health concern and/or addiction to access 50 minute one-on-one appointments to receive peer-based supports.

Peer Based Support for Caregivers Including:

  • Emotional support over the phone and in-office
  • Caregiver resources Information on mental health and addictions
  • Evidenced based skills for self-care, stress reduction and relationship building
  • Linking to other caregiver community services

How to book and appointment?

Streamlined Access Family Caregiver Navigator referrals can be made by anyone (e.g., caregiver, family/friend, service provider). Appointments are for caregivers that are 16+ years old, supporting a loved one with Mental Health & Addiction or Dual Diagnosis (note: no formal diagnosis required), and residing in York Region or South Simcoe. A referral can be made two ways:

  • Streamlined Access (289-340-0348 or 1-844-660-6602) or Fax (905-898-6457)
  • Aurora Office (Walk-in during office hours Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm)