How We Are Governed

York Support Service Network is a not-for-profit charitable organization, incorporated since 1982. YSSN is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. The Board follows a policy model of governance and includes, within its key tasks and commitments:

  • steering the agency toward its mission
  • guiding strategic planning
  • being transparent
  • maintaining fiscal responsibility
  • ensuring an effective management team
  • implementing assessment and control systems
  • planning for diversity on the Board

The Board constitutes itself in a way that ensures a broad representation of the community we serve, including members who are:

  • from all parts of the Central East Region
  • consumer / family members
  • from the general community
  • persons familiar with each service sector

Our Board Members

  • Lois Alderson-Wigelius, Chair

    Lois has been a YSSN Board Member since 2018 and currently serves as the Board’s Chair. A long-time York Region resident, Lois has a passion for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. She recently retired from the York Region District School Board after more than 30 years in public education, including working in Special Education and holding the position of Coordinator of Autism Services. Lois’ commitment continues as she now works part-time to assist families with children with multiple special needs, in accessing supports and services, as a Service Planning Coordinator. Lois is also the parent of a son with special needs.

  • Bryan Laviolette – Vice-Chair

    Bryan has been a YSSN Board Member since 2019 and is currently YSSN’s Board Vice-Chair. Bryan brings a unique perspective to the Board from her 15+ year career as a York Region paramedic, having served as a Paramedic, Community Paramedic, Educator, Platoon Leader, and currently as Supervisor. Bryan has significant experience interagency and multidisciplinary care specifically for vulnerable populations. Bryan has a specific interest in health equity across the healthcare domain.

  • Brad Smith – Treasurer

    Brad has been a YSSN Board Member since 2017 and currently serves as the Board’s Treasurer. A resident of York Region, Brad has always been passionate about helping businesses and not-for-profits alike grow and transform themselves to better serve their communities. Brad, a licensed public accountant, has been a partner at SSL Group in Newmarket since 2009 and has been involved in planning and providing audit services and preparing business and personal taxes for small businesses for more than 20 years. The financial expertise that Brad brings to his Treasurer role is very welcomed and appreciated by the Board.

  • Susan Dobson – Director

    Susan has been a YSSN Board Member since 2016. Susan has been working in the social services field in York Region for more than 15 years; most notably in the violence against women sector as well as the mental health and addictions sector. Susan has worked as a trained Peer Supporter since 2011 and currently fulfills the role of Executive Director for the Krasman Centre. Susan brings a unique perspective as both a person with lived mental health experience as well as someone who has supported a family member. Her dedication to supporting people with mental health challenges is reflective in her contributions to the Board.

  • Rosalyn Gambell – Director

    Rosalyn has been a YSSN Board Member since 2018. A former long-term York Region resident, Rosalyn offers a significant health management and hospital perspective to the Board. Recently retired from Southlake Regional Health Centre as the Manager, Health Links and Chronic Diseases, Rosalyn’s career has been dedicated to helping others in a variety of GTA hospital settings. From nursing to management positions, including oversight of several medical care units and outpatient clinics programs, Rosalyn’s experience always helps inform Board discussions.

  • Marcel Price – Director

    Marcel has been a YSSN Board Member since 2021. He brings his experience and perspective from a 14+ year career as an active member with York Regional Police to the Board. This is not his first connection with YSSN. In 2015, as a member of YRP’s Mental Health Support Team, he worked along side YSSN crisis team members to jointly respond to mental health and crisis related calls, de-escalating where required, connecting with families and individuals, and ensuring that the proper supports were in place.

  • Kimberly Thorn – Executive Director/Director (ex officio)

    Kimberly was appointed YSSN’s Executive Director in June 2020. Having worked in Developmental Services since 1993, and starting her tenure with YSSN in 2004, Kimberly has brought her expertise in working with people with developmental disabilities to the many roles she has held at YSSN. Most recently, Kimberly was YSSN’s Developmental Services Director and Director of DSO Central East Region, where she worked to ensure YSSN’s priorities reflect the growing needs of the communities and people we support.

If you may be interested in exploring membership on YSSN’s Board of Directors or have any questions about our Board, please feel free to contact us at

Notre gouvernance

Le York Support Service Network est un organisme de bienfaisance sans but lucratif, constitué en personne morale depuis 1982. Le YSSN est régi par un conseil d’administration bénévole. Le conseil d’administration respecte un modèle de politique de gouvernance et ses principaux engagements et tâches comprennent ce qui suit :

  • Guider l’organisme vers sa mission;
  • Orienter la planification stratégique;
  • Être transparent;
  • Maintenir la responsabilité financière;
  • Avoir une équipe de gestion efficace;
  • Mettre en œuvre des systèmes d’évaluation et de contrôle;
  • Assurer la diversité du conseil d’administration.

Le Conseil d’administration est composé de membres largement représentatifs de la communauté à laquelle nous offrons des services, et inclut des membres qui proviennent :

  • De toutes les parties de la région du Centre Est;
  • Consommateurs/membres de la famille;
  • De la communauté;
  • Personnes familières avec chaque secteur de service.

Membres du conseil d’administration

Lois Alderson-Wigelius, Vice-Chair

Brad Smith – Treasurer

Sarah Butterworth – Director

Susan Dobson – Director

Rosalyn Gambell – Director

Penny Hubbert – Director

Bryan Laviolette

Heather Meikle – Director

Kimberly Thorn – Executive Director/Director (ex officio)


Si vous souhaitez faire partie du conseil d’administration du YSSN ou si vous avez des questions à propos de notre conseil d’administration, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous à l’adresse