Nous apprécions nos partenariats communautaires.

Le YSSN entretient d’excellentes relations au sein des services de santé et de services sociaux. La force de nos partenariats nous aide à nous concentrer sur notre vision partagée d’une collectivité qui accorde de l’importance à chacun de ses membres.

Here are some of our community partners:

Ontario Health Teams

An Ontario Health Team (OHT) is a group of healthcare providers who work together to deliver connected care to the communities they serve.

Within an OHT, healthcare providers – such as hospitals, family doctors and nurse practitioners, homecare providers, community support service agencies, mental health organizations, long-term care homes, and paramedic services – work together to improve access to care and the quality of care to people, families, and caregivers.
YSSN is involved in supporting the work of the following Ontario Health Teams: