YSSN is a hub for Developmental, Mental Health and Children’s Services
that helps people to navigate services to live their best life.

YSSN’s Crisis Services are here for you 24/7 – you are not alone! Our caring team will meet you where you are and walk with you through your crisis.

We connect people and/or families in crisis to the right community resources, supports and  services to meet their immediate needs. Get support by telephone, online chat, or text messaging.

YSSN’s Access Services are your gateway to community connections! One door leads to an array of resources, supports and services you and your family need.

YSSN’s Access Services provide seamless and equitable access to the right developmental services, mental health and addictions care, at the right time. Our integrated care team uses a collaborative approach, working with you to navigate available programs and services that are right for you and your journey.

YSSN’s Coordination Services work with you to develop your life plan! From birth into adulthood, our team supports you in planning your goals and connects you to the services and supports you need to make them a reality.

Our team is fully invested in your journey! We connect people with complex needs, developmental disabilities, mental illness, addiction, or homelessness to resources, supports and services available through funded programs and community partners. Our peer supports link individuals, families, and caregivers who have journeyed along similar paths.

Our Vision

A Meaningful Life for All: Relationships, Community, Well-Being.

Our Mission


Our guiding principles


We are compassionate. We are kind and patient with those we work with and with ourselves. We take the time to listen attentively, without judgement.


We are resilient. We see setbacks as an opportunity to build skills and strengths by seeking positive solutions.


We collaborate. We engage each other in a cooperative process, internally and externally, to create solutions of mutual benefit.


We are accountable. Individually and mutually, we hold ourselves responsible for our actions and results. We are answerable to all our stakeholders, including each other.


We take initiative. With creativity and leadership we explore, build and pursue opportunities.

Vision, mission et valeurs

Notre vision

Une vie enrichissante : relations, collectivité, bien-être

Notre mission

Communiquer. Connecter.  Collaborer.

Nos valeurs

  • Nous accordons la priorité à la satisfaction du client.
  • Nous faisons confiance et nous respectons les autres.
  • Nous dialoguons entre nous.
  • Nous assumons la responsabilité.
  • Nous sommes généreux.

Cliquez ici pour lire l’énoncé complet de notre vision, de notre mission et de nos valeurs.

We are well established.

Since its inception in 1982, YSSN has provided case management to persons with a developmental disability. In 1985, a Mental Health Case Management Program was added to our service offerings, followed by a community Crisis Response Services being launched in 1999. In July 2011, YSSN was designated as a Developmental Services Organization for the Central East Region.

In 2023, the organization changed its name to Your Support Services Network to reflect its core focus on supporting each person’s journey, as well as its mandate of service  provision beyond York Region.

YSSN receives funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and Ontario Health.

There is no fee for our services.

We are aware.

At YSSN, we understand the many issues our clients face – lengthy waiting lists for services, lack of residential placements and community supports, confusion around what services are available, and challenges in accessing the help that they need. We also are aware of the changing and diverse needs of our region’s communities and are committed to meeting those needs.

We respect diversity.

Diversity refers to the many identities and cultures within our society including race, ethnicity, gender, social class, immigration history, religion, sexual orientation and others that influence the thoughts, actions and behaviour of individuals. Identities tend to be overlapping and each has its own culture.

Through diversity awareness, individuals of different identities are supported to navigate the cultural differences encountered in society and embrace the richness that results from inclusion and acceptance.  Cultural competence facilitates the attitudinal and behavioural changes required to eliminate racism, sexism, and classism.

The demographic makeup of York Region is rapidly changing and cultural competence is required for the delivery of exemplary services.  YSSN expects employees to respect values, attitudes and traditions that are different from their own such as dress, notions of modesty, use of eye-contact, help-seeking behaviour, spirituality, issues of privacy and personal boundaries.

YSSN is a non-profit organization that receives funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and Ontario Health. There is no fee for our services.

We are committed to accessible services and supports.

At YSSN, we are committed to full inclusion of vulnerable persons. This is reflected is our Mission, our Vision and our philosophical framework. YSSN has long been committed to services and supports which are accessible, customer service which is respectful and helpful, human resources policies which accommodate employees’ special needs, technology which supports work from a variety of locations, and sites which are easy to reach and located within safe neighbourhoods. A copy of YSSN’s Accessibility Plan and Accessibility Policy is available below:

Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Policy

Patient Declaration of Values for Ontario

We endorse the Patient Declaration of Values for Ontario as established by the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council

Business Interruption Plan

YSSN has developed a plan to ensure continuity of service as best as possible in the case of an emergency office closure or other significant interruption to our business.

In the event of an office closure, please refer to this website for updated information which will be posted as it becomes available.