Foundational Family Services

Ontario Autism Program

As part of the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) YSSN now offers Foundational Family Services.  The purpose of this program is to build a family’s capacity to support their child with Autism to learn and develop.  Service is available to families who have a child diagnosed with autism from infancy to age 17.

As part of the OAP Family Foundational Family Services York Support Services offers:

Parent peer support offered by peers. This includes:

  • Caregiver support group sessions
  • Individualized supports for resources for the caregiver when needed
  • Workshops on a variety of topics for caregiver wellness

Transitioning to JK/SK or adulthood

  • Group information sessions in partnership with both of the York Region school boards for transition to high school and transition to adult services
  • Group information sessions for families regarding transition to JK/SK
  • Individual appointments for support with transition to assist with information, planning, resources, forms, etc

General information workshops for parents providing information on topics such as

  • understanding schoolboard processes and documents,
  • transition to JK/SK,
  • advocacy skills,
  • funding options, etc

One to three individual 90 minute Brief service coordination meetings to assist with:

  • Forms and applications
  • Navigation of OAP services
  • Funding  – SSAH, ACSD, one-time-interim funding, childhood budgets
  • School questions and support – IEP, IPRC, autism and special ed services in schools
  • Referrals to other services – navigation for community services
  • Respite and camp referrals, applications
  • Resources and information as requested
  • to discuss issues of concerns, review services

Accessing Foundational Family Services at YSSN

Families can contact the YSSN intake 905 898 6455 ext 2574 to arrange for an appointment to visit with a family support worker.  Service providers may also contact the intake number to request support for a family as a warm transfer.

For information sessions, workshops and groups, the family may register directly through the YSSN website events tab here.