It is the right of every person who comes to YSSN to expect that our response will be provided in ways that are clear, individualized, respectful, and in keeping with YSSN’s policies and values.  We want to know where we can improve our services, and where we have met your needs particularly well.

The purpose of feedback is to:

  • Resolve complaints in a timely way
  • Improve our services and processes
  • Identify what is working well
  • Identify system problems
  • Ensure that our services are responsive and client centered
  • Change our programs to better meet client needs where appropriate
  • Document events in case a claim or lawsuit is brought against Your Support Services Network or one of its employees.

Confidentiality about your feedback will be maintained to the greatest degree possible under the circumstances. If an investigation is required, it will be conducted as per YSSN’s policies and procedures. This information is available upon request.

    What was your experience, including when it happened. Provide as many details as possible.

    What did we do well or, what could we have done differently to better meet your needs?

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