The reimbursement process for individuals receiving Passport funding is changing. The Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) is making a number of changes to the Passport program to improve support for clients and making the reimbursement process faster and easier. All financial functions for the Passport agencies across the province will be consolidated into a newly created payment agency, named PassportONE, which is administered by Family Service Toronto (FST). All invoices and receipts will be processed by PassportONE.

To help you through the new PassportONE process, please refer to the step-by-step videos below. You will also find sample templates and actual forms that you will need to fill out to facilitate the new process.

When returning your completed PassportONE package, please make sure that you have completed/attached your banking information (void cheque or direct deposit information) to the appropriate documents.

Please download the How to submit your expense claim tip sheet for step-by-step instructions.

PassportONE Introduction

Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Filling out your Passport Program Service Agreement

Filling out your Consent Forms

Filling out your Person Managing Funds Forms

Please download and fill out the Person Managing Funds Form.

Filling out your Payee Form

Please download and fill out the Payee Form.

Filling out your PassportONE Purchase of Service Forms

Please download the Sample Passport Purchase of Service Form so that you can understand what sections you will have to fill out.

Filling out your Support Worker Form

Please download and fill out the Support Worker Information Form.